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Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Engineering (RAM)

Reliability engineering started in the United States during the 1950ís as a result of the growing complexity of systems in the military which were resulting in increased failure rates, reduced availabilities and increased logistics burden.  In 1952 the US DoD and the American electronics industry formed a joint Advisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment (AGREE) which reported that if the trend of increasing development and ownership costs was to be controlled, then disciplines would have to be laid down as part of the development cycle.  So began the start of what is now a highly specialised engineering discipline.

The consideration of reliability, availability and maintainability factors, which greatly influence both capability and life cycle costs, have become an important part in the design or evaluation of complex equipment and systems.  The process of engineering improved reliability, availability and maintainability will normally generate increased cost in the development or acquisition phase and although the associated enhanced capability is desirable, its achievement must be constrained by LCC considerations.  Eventually, the relationship between investment cost and RAM will be subject to the law of diminishing returns, with small improvements in RAM performance requiring significant increases in design, procurement and testing expenditure.

Exair can bring to your product the benefits of early implementation of RAM principles during the design and development phases to ensure your product is reliable, has optimum availability to your customer and, in the event of failure or maintenance being required, minimal cost is achieved through maintainability in design.


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